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Oceanic Spa
Welcome to the gateway of spa paradise. Relax your body and mind—embark on a sensuous journey with our stimulating therapies that will reinvigorate your mood to a refreshing start.

Here at the oceanic spa, we offer you a range of exclusive spa packages—including one that can be arranged in the comfort of your own room. We have 4 luxurious Jacuzzis and 7 rooms in full view of a sparkling seascape. Our professionals are trained to deliver both traditional and modern style of therapies and treatments, offering you the perfect combination of flexibility and choice.

With specialty in the art of aromatherapy, our treatments harness a mix of fragrant ingredients and traditional herbs to soothe your body’s senses. Some of our more popular treatments are the Aromatherapy Massage, Oceanic Massage, Oceanic Spa Package and the King and Queen Spa Package.

For the Aromatherapy Massage, we utilise an array of exotic ingredients coupled with a choice of traditional Swedish and Thai massages. The Oceanic Massage consists of pure marine mineral salts to help exfoliation—leaving your skin radiantly smoother thereafter.

With the King Package, we have a special brew of traditional herbs that will help increase the body’s vitality by stimulating blood circulation and relieve from muscle tension. And with The Queen package, we offer you a unique combination of herbs—an aphrodisiac essence that seeps deeply into the body for a revitalising sensation.

Oceanic Spa Package

     Aromatherapy Massage      Duration      Price IDR
     Traditional/Swedish Massage      60 min      Rp. 500,000.00
       90 min      Rp. 625,000.00
     Hot Stone Massage      90 min      Rp. 625,000.00
     Thai Massage      45 min      Rp. 387,500.00
     Shoulder, Neck & Head Massage      30 min      Rp. 237,500.00
     Aromatherapy & Body Treatment      Duration      Price IDR
     King & Queen Ocean - Single      150 min      Rp. 1,050,000.00
     King & Queen Ocean - Couple      150 min      Rp. 1,925.000.00
     Exotic Balinese - Single      120 min      Rp. 1,037,500.00
     Exotic Balinese - Couple      120 min      Rp. 1,875,000.00
     Traditional Javanese - Single      120 min      Rp. 1,037,500.00
     Traditional Javanese - Couple      120 min      Rp. 1,875,000.00
     Pure Honey & Milk Bath      120 min      Rp. 1,025,000.00
     Harmony Pure Honey & Milk Bath - Single      180 min      Rp. 1,125,000.00
     Harmony Pure Honey & Milk Bath - Couple      180 min      Rp. 2,187,500.00
     Oceanic Feminine      120 min      Rp. 962,500.00
     Oceanic Masculine      120 min      Rp. 962,500.00
     Oceanic Mineral Bath      120 min      Rp. 875,000.00
     Oceanic Exfoliation      90 min      Rp. 625,000.00
     After Sun Care      90 min      Rp. 762,500.00
     Body Scrub      40 min      Rp. 450,000.00
     Body Mask      40 min      Rp. 450,000.00
     Bath      30 min      Rp. 275,000.00
     Herbal Steam Bath      30 min      Rp. 312,500.00
     Facial Treatment      Duration      Price IDR
     Skin Refiner Facial      75 min      Rp. 500,000.00
     White Glow Facial      75 min      Rp. 500,000.00
     Detox Facial      75 min      Rp. 687,500.00
     Hand & Foot Care      Duration      Price IDR
     Hand Spa      60 min      Rp. 337,500.00
     Foot Spa      90 min      Rp. 375,000.00
     Nail Polish & File      30 min      Rp. 200,000.00
     Foot Reflexiology      30 min      Rp. 150,000.00
       60 min      Rp. 225,000.00
Oceanic Spa
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